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Career Development


Hong Kong’s retail industry is thriving. This has created a huge demand for talented professionals - in addition to a large number of frontline sales staff, there is also a need for administrative and support staff. Working in sales is not an easy job, but the challenges that arise provide many people with a sense of job satisfaction. When providing a service, staff need to be sincere, polite, enthusiastic and convincing in order to ensure that customers come back again. Wai and Thor work in store management - they both believe that “success is all about attitude”.

Attitude to customer service: “If the customer is happy, then I’m satisfied”

Thor first joined city’super as a part-time member of staff in the customer service department, where he later went on to become a full-time member of staff. He has worked at city’super for over nine years. Working in the customer service department means that Thor needs to deal with different customers and manage a whole range of needs - or even complaints. This job might not be for everyone, but Thor says that his job has given him a great sense of achievement. “A foreign customer called us from his yacht and asked us to prepare some goods for him for the next day. When the yacht arrived the following day, we were able to deliver the goods to him as requested. I get a great sense of satisfaction when I am able to meet the customer’s needs.” Thor believes that in order to provide good customer service, staff not only need to ensure effective communication with the customer, but also “put themselves in the customer’s shoes” and understand their thoughts - this easily enables staff to cater to customers’ needs.

Putting the customer first - providing a premium service

Wai says that anyone interested in joining city’super should come with a positive, can-do attitude and be committed to their work - this is not a place to “work for work’s sake”. “When you first join it’s easy to make mistakes. I still remember very clearly when I was a new member of staff and a customer swore at me after I said that I didn’t know the answer to a question about a product.” Although that experience was an unpleasant one for Wai, it taught him that work is a process of continuous learning; as long as you are willing to learn and work, you are bound to be recognised and appreciated. The company has a number of different positions available - if you lack confidence in your communication skills, you could also try joining as a member of staff in our offices.


city'super LOG-ON 

Young people love gadgets - so why not turn an interest into a career? city'super LOG-ON hires all kinds of gadget enthusiasts to join the frontline team, become product professionals and provide customers with the latest trendy products. One of the job requirements is an enthusiasm for the latest trends and a passion for gadgets.

Trendy products - focusing on hands-on experience

city'super LOG-ON  store manager Mr. Hsu Wan Sang says that city'super LOG-ON  values giving customers a hands-on experience rather than simply hard selling products. For this reason, store staff need to be enthusiastic about the products. “In order tell customers about the latest gadgets, staff need to be passionate about the products, share their own experiences of using them with customers and carry out live demonstrations.” Hsu added that city'super LOG-ON staff are themselves fans of the products that they sell - staff include photography and electronic gadget enthusiasts and cosmetics experts. “Even if you’ve got no experience, it doesn’t matter - the company provides product knowledge training. As long as you’re willing to try out and use new products, then it’s not difficult to gain a firm grasp of product knowledge.”

In terms of career development, new staff start as shop assistants and can progress to senior shop assistant and managerial positions such as deputy supervisor, supervisor and senior supervisor. city'super LOG-ON regional manager Mr. So Pak Nin stresses that city'super LOG-ON attaches importance to internal promotions - most of the store managers and supervisors are promoted from within the company. Staff can also be transferred to different product departments to learn new knowledge and gain different experience, which is highly beneficial for their future promotion to managerial positions.

“Every day there is something new to learn”

Ms. Yeung Woon Tai, Sandy - now a senior supervisor - joined city’super in 1996 and has worked at the company for 18 years. She started as a shop assistant in the clothing department before transferring to the stationery department. She has received numerous promotions and is now senior supervisor at the Times Square store (Hong Kong), where she is in charge of dozens of staff. “The company sells a wide variety of products - you have to follow the latest trends, continue to learn on a daily basis and be proactive in learning about new things, such as product knowledge, sales skills and managerial skills.”