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With Green Monday getting widely popular, green living is no longer just a trend; it’s becoming a mainstream lifestyle. With more people choosing meatless options, our demand for high-quality green foods is at an all-time high. Going green is not just about eating tofu and wheat gluten. Indeed, the traditional fried wheat gluten drenched in colouring and sauce is officially out! Freshness, organic, eco-friendly, direct farm-to-table are now what the public is looking for.
5 New Green Products You Should Try

1. One Degree Organic Breakfast Cereals

Breakfast cereal is truly a quick and easy breakfast option. But many of them are quite high in sugar, loaded with artificial ingredients and even colouring, making it more of a junk food than a healthy food. There are exceptions.
The breakfast cereal line from One Degree is all organic, veganic and non-GMO, no artificial additives and no animal-based fertilizer will be applied to the crops. It is impressive that their cereals are indeed sweetened with organic coconut palm sugar, a type of natural sugar that is low in glycemic index. Made with all natural, wholesome sprouted grains and truly vegan ingredients, absolutely no sneaky animal-derived by-products.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
2. Beyond Meat Vegan “Meat”

When we think of vegetarian “meat”, most people in Hong Kong may have tried “vegetarian goose” or “vegetarian chicken”. They are usually deep-fried, with a purpose of mimicking the texture of real meat; they are sometimes loaded with additives. Well, that was then and this is now. The western-style vegan “meat” is usually designed to be a healthier alternative to meat. Therefore, they are often made with better ingredients. Most importantly, their nutritional profile is similar to (sometimes better than) real meat, providing sufficient protein. Beyond Meat products are made with gluten-free pea protein and/or soy protein.
3. Raw Food Central Kale Chips

This new superfood is taking Hong Kong by storm. A dark green leafy vegetable, kale is probably one of the most nutrient-dense vegetables, offering an array of nutrients and antioxidants. If you have an oven at home, you can easily make kale chips yourself. For a convenient option, kale chips are available at city'super. Utilizing other flavorful ingredients such as onion, garlic, Celtic sea salt, this crunchy product has not been fried or baked, retaining maximum nutrients close to its raw state yet still delicious. A must-try!
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4. Noberasco Dried Fruits

As a snack, there are a lot more options than just raisins and prunes. The Italian brand Noberasco has a line of dried superfoods called Super Frutti. Yes, you read that right - dried super fruit that indeed has superfood status, contain a higher content of nutrients than the average common foods with regard to vitamins, minerals, fibres, enzymes, antioxidants and phytonutrients; they are also organic and preservative-free.
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Aronia, dragon fruit, maqui berry, white mulberry, and cape gooseberry (aka golden berries), are grown in the wild from all over the world from mountains to forests. Stock them up during the Whole Greens Festival in Hong Kong; use them as munchies, add them to your homemade trail mix, sprinkle on your breakfast cereal, yogurt or smoothie.
5. Chiahh Drinks

Pure natural fruit juice with superfood chia seed is a unique drink made by Australian drink company Chiahh. No added sugar, preservatives, artificial colorings or flavors, these bottled juices not only offer a fresh taste, but also a boost of fiber. It's a healthier alternative to regular juice!
Products you have seen in this page
In addition to the above recommended products, don’t forget to check out all the local grown-in-HK produce featured in the Festival such as the cherry tomato cup, salad-to-go-box, organic shiitake mushroom and more.
Written by Canadian Registered Dietitian Gloria Tsang Yan Yan

Source of Images: Brent Hofacker, Quanthem/ Shutterstock.com