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Strands of Style: Jazz up your Noodle Dish
Get your creative juices flowing and create these stylish noodle dishes to spruce up your (or your child’s) lunch boxes or your dinner table.

Who doesn’t love a bit of colour? Here we are using Miwayamakatsu Vegetable Soumen Noodles (yellow), Hakubaku Organic Soumen Noodle (white) and Nakabushoten Shodojima Handmade Plum Soumen Noodle (pink). Other ingredients include soumen sauce, seaweed, carrot and spring onion.
The Fuss-free Travelling Noodle Jar

If you want more control over your diet, packing your own lunch a great option. Packed lunches don’t have to be boring either – check out this snazzy traveling noodle jar!

Simply cook the Nishiyamaseimen Fresh Ramen Noodles (or any desired noodles) according to the package’s instruction, then pop them into a ball jar and let cool.

Add your preferred amount of coriander, Japanese bunching onion (chopped), sliced cucumber, kibbled onions, and top with some peeled cooked prawns with a squeeze of lemon juice.

Store in the fridge, and when you’re ready to enjoy it, remove lid, add boiling water, and replace lid and wait for several minutes. Voila – your soup-er delicious meal is ready!
Products you have seen in this page