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If work and errands have locked you down in Hong Kong over the holidays but you desperately long for a white Christmas to reward your year’s worth of hard work, Hong Kong’s city'super has got you covered with dinner spreads that pay special tributes to Christmas traditions around the world – and when it’s made with top-notch ingredients? All the better.
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Roasted French Black Organic Turkey
Origin of tradition: United States
Tradition:  A tradition passed down from its colonial days, turkey was the choice poultry for celebrations in the States since the birds would be in their prime since hatching in spring.
city'super Twist: Free-range organic turkeys are raised in France for 140 days – 10 more than the classic bird – in a temperate climate and feeding purely on a GMO-free and antibiotics-free organic diet. The tender and juicy meat is served with a succulent homemade gravy and cranberry sauce.
Roasted UK Boneless Pork Leg with Apple Sauce
Origin of tradition: Honduras
Tradition: The spotlight of a Honduran Christmas is definitely the roasted pork leg, which may be fresh or smoked and is usually roasted all day long. The skin is left on to make chicharron, or fried pork rinds.
city'super Twist: The baked pork leg comes from Waveney Valley pigs in Eastern England, all of which enjoy an antibiotics-free natural life feeding from neighbouring farms. The pork legs are slow-cooked to lock in the meat juice and are paired with a mouth-watering apple-sauce.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
Osechi Jewel Box
Origin of tradition: Japan
Tradition: Though Christmas is a predominantly Western tradition, the Japanese will put together the crème de la crème from the sea to celebrate the turn of the New Year.
city'super Twist: Fit for three to four people, the three-layered bento-box is a tasting menu of all that traditional Japan has to offer, with treasures ranging from soy-sauce steamed abalone; wakasagi sea tangle roll; red and white fish cake; Hokkaido soy sauce salmon roe; baked egg with assorted vegetable Fukusa Yaki; roasted Yamagata Wagyu beef and more. Wash it down with the complementary Tokusen Junmai Daiginjo sake.
Smoked Fish Platter
Origin of Tradition: Scandinavia / The Netherlands / Scotland
Tradition: Popular in a number of cultures, smoking was initially invented to preserve the fish against spoilage as dehydration kills and impedes the activity of bacteria. It has now become a staple on many big family dinners during celebrations to remember.
city'super Twist: Kick start your Christmas dinner with the best of the sea with smoked Scotland salmon, smoked trout, smoked tangini and smoked haddock for your healthy yet flavourful protein fix.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
Lobster Bisque
Origin of Tradition: France
Tradition: Originally, a “bisque” meant a soup made of puree game bird and served in a high societal settings. In fact, the use of lobster and its crushed shell wasn’t introduced into the recipe until its immigration to Canada.  Now, it’s regarded as a stylish and classy dish at any spread.
city'super Twist: Made with the finest lobster from Australia, the bisque promises luscious rich textures made only possible when lobster meat is blended into the creamy melange.