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Tartuflanghe:From Truffles to Chocolates
Founded in 1980 in Italy, Tartuflanghe is known for its quality black and white truffle products, but turns out their chocolate truffles are equally exquisite! Having won multiple international chocolate awards, Trifulòt pralines are made using premium raw ingredients, such as hazelnuts from Piedmont, Italy, salt from Guérande and fresh cream from Isigny, France.
  • Tartuflanghe Dulcis Tuber Truffle Praline
  • Tartuflanghe Dark Praline With Hazelnut
  • Tartuflanghe Extra Dark Praline
  • Tartuflanghe  Caramel and Salt PralineTartuflanghe  Pistachio Praline Chocolate 
Steaming Hot Soup from France
Products you have seen in this page
The brainchild of Georges Hilliet and founded in 1932, La Belle-Iloise is now in its third generation of business with the vision of being the best canned seafood producer. All of La Belle-Iloise’s products are made using high quality ingredients with traditional production methods for the freshest, most natural taste. 

- Lobster Bisque Soup
- French Fishes Soup
- Rock Fishes Soup
- Dish Stew Fish Soup
- Cream Shellfish Soup
- Oyster & Scallop Soup