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May 2015 / French Wine every day
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After a relaxing break, people often suffer from“ Post-Holiday Depression” at the office. Blue Monday, grey Tuesday, black Wednesday ...... In fact, life doesn’t have to be so colourless and dull! Pour a glass of wine to cheer yourself up, whether it’s Monday or Sunday, every day can be a beautiful and enjoyable day.
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Wine is no longer only for special occasions, in some countries in Europe such as France, wine is also an essential part of the culture and a regular accompaniment to meals. Drinking wine is not only a lifestyle, but also a daily habit. A glass of wine creates a pleasant and tranquil mood for relaxation. Pick a French wine to lighten up your day, Santé!!
Monday A good start to the week
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Who says Mondays have to be gloomy and blue?
Let's keep the happiness of the weekend going. A delicate Champagne could definitely expel the depressed mood.

A dry and medium bodied Champagne is a great choice to celebrate the new week and brighten up your day!

Champagne Philippe Gonet Brut Signature NV

Region: Champagne
Aroma: Citrus, Apples, Minerals

Your perfect wine glass
A flute shape Champagne glass is best for tasting Champage. Upright and narrow shape helps to keep the carbonation and capture the flavour in the wine.
Tuesday It’s just complicated
Four more days to go until the next weekend, but the previous one is still fresh in our memory. Such a complex feeling is just like a glass of red wine from Burgundy.

La Gibryotte Gevrey-Chambertin Premier Cru 2011

Region: Burgundy
Aroma: Flower, Cinnamon, Raspberry, Clove

Your perfect wine glass
Burgundy wine is rich in aroma so better to enjoy it with the large Burgundy Glass. It captures the nuance of the aroma and drinkers could easily taste the rich fruit and tempering the high acidity.
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Wednesday Refresh your mind
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Already losing energy? After a busy Wednesday, rejuvenate your taste buds and brain with a light white wine from Alsace.

Ribeauvillé Clos Zahnacker Grand Cru 2009

Region: Alsace
Aroma: Peach, Green Plum, Fresh Lime

Your perfect wine glass
Want to enjoy an even more chilling white wine? More U-shaped than Bordeaux glass, allows the wine to release aroma even in cooler temperature.
Food Pairing

French spring chickens move around freely in a natural environment. They are used in a traditional French dish which is exceptionally tasty and is one of the best cuisine to pair with the French Wine above.
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Enjoy French Wine in May
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Which wine should you drink to make your weekend worth waiting for? Check out the next "French wine every day - Thursday to Sunday"! We’ll also introduce all the goodies about La Fête des Vins 2015 organised by city'super!