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Home BBQ & Beer - Bruno Lavender Craze 

The long-awaited Bruno in lavender colour is in town! How can anyone resist this charming colour? 
Products you have seen in this page
Bruno has earned its fame for being:
  • easy to clean and rapid in heat transmission at 1200 watts 
  • equipped with a keep warm function at 65 degrees and reach 250 degrees for its high-temperature cooking mode
  • In addition to the flat hot plate, the #takoyaki plate can be used to cook any round-shape food creations.  

This time, the grill plate* is recommended to match with the home BBQ & Beer theme. It is suitable for making kushiyaki or Korean BBQ. With Bruno, you can stay indoor this Summer for BBQ parties and cheers to ice-cold beer! 

* Bruno hot plate set includes a flat hot plate and a takoyaki plate. Grill plate needs to be purchased separately. 
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
Traditional Meatballs 
Meatballs are mains in a home BBQ party. For quality meatballs, look no further than “Taiwan Spirits”. Their meatballs are made in traditional method with natural ingredients and without added preservatives. They come in multiple flavours including:
cuttlefish balls, mushroom and pork balls, and onion oil pork balls. Not only do they fit for BBQ, they could also be placed in Bruno takoyaki plate for grilling!
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
Lemon and Beef Tongue
Beef tongue must be on the menu for BBQ. This chilled Australian wagyu beef tongue gives a buttery taste after grill. As its wagyu beef tongue, its oil content is on the high side. Suggest to add some Ako Kasei lemon salt sauce to lessen the greasiness. This sauce is made with Japanese lemon marinated in Ako’s Aamashio, the taste is fresh with a similarity to the Chinese-style salted lemon. It can also be used in salad or as dipping for grilled meat.
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Products you have seen in this page
Saltbush Lamb and Kome Koji

Saltbush lamb is considered royalty in the lamb family. They are grazed on the unique saltbush based pastures in the natural environment of the Australian outback. It features a natural savoury flavour, with a soft and tender texture and without the usual mutton smell. This free range Australian lamb rack comes from the only MSA accredited Saltbush lamb producer, free of any hormones or growth promotants. When preparing lamb rack, one can add herbs to enhance the flavour, but since this mutton is already flavourful, a hint of AmatoKome Koji will do the work. Founded in 1911, Yamato uses only national producedMiyako Koji, salt and hops to produced its Kome Koji. It is a perfect for marinating meat or as a seasoning for grilled meat. 
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Sacred Craft Beer 

Established in 1997, Ise Kadoya is a small brewery located in Ise, Japan. Home to over 200 shrines, Ise is seen as a healing place for the soul for the Japanese people.High quality natural resources come out of the pure soil, Ise Kadoya benefited and crafted beer with different mixtures of a variety of hops and malt. Beer produced by Ise Kadoya have won numerous awards over the years, including the most recent Best Pale Ale award in the 2016 World Beer Championship and a Gold medal – American Ale category in the Japan Asia Beer Cup. Refreshing ice cold craft beers are best accompaniments to barbequed food.
From left:
1. & 2. Ise Kadoya AleKumano Kodo Ale: This American-style brown ale is mild. Brewed in the official World Heritage Site of the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage routes, this beer is only available for sale in Mie and Wakayama prefectures prior to being introduced to city'super Hong Kong.
3. Ise Kadoya Ale Golden Dragon India Pale Ale: Loaded with hops from North America, this beerfeatures herbal and citrus aromas with a refreshing taste and clear golden color.
4. Ise Kadoya Pale Ale: An explosion lychee, grapefruit, passion fruit-filled fruity aroma and a malty caramel perfume.