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Have you been longing for a simple yet refreshing shopping experience in Hong Kong? The wait is over with our ifc Hong Kong store makeover now complete, offering shoppers a brand new look and feel to match a gourmet exploration full of surprises. Once you step into our store, you will be greeted by a towering tree and nature-inspired ornaments that represent city’super’s environmental concept - Go Green.
On top of a refreshing and earthy ambience, the store is fully stocked with specially selected food and wine from all across the globe, giving customers a truly cosmopolitan shopping experience inspired by delicious and healthy products. Throw away your shopping list and follow our guide instead, exploring the delectable world of surprises which await you at every counter.
We are excited to bring even greater amounts of fresh produce, sent straight from the farm as well as more globally renowned brands and exciting new services. This guide will assist you in getting the most out of our exciting new products.
Our fruits and vegetables are hand-picked from over 20 small farms from all over the world, delivered directly to you every day so you can enjoy the season’s finest and freshest produce. The area has been expanded to include the best fruits and vegetables the world has to offer. Our store specialist will be on hand to assist you in selecting the perfect fruit ripeness for immediate consumption.
Inhale the delicious scents of the famed Spanish ham through the world’s first vertical ham showcase and ask for a sample of different ages of hams for tasting so you can decide which to take home.
Premium Wagyu is no longer just for fancy restaurants, but also for you to enjoy at home. Stop by our new beef aging counter for Japanese Wagyu and other tasty dry aged beef from America and the United Kingdom.
Spend a delightful night in our store savouring our mouthwatering array of oysters, sashimi and hand-sliced smoked salmon and shiromi, coupled with a glass of fine wine. To top off your evening, purchase some of the best Iranian caviar, gold caviar, goose liver, and truffle products and feel free to ask our staff for wine suggestions to make your experience one to remember.
Organise a simple and stress-free lunch with a bento and dessert. You can also select from a variety of healthy salads at RF1 as well as hearty sandwiches, and organic French roast chicken from Fusion Deli to ensure your energy levels stay high for the afternoon ahead of you.
Discover more gourmet food and personalized services in the city’super ifc Hong Kong store for a fresh and natural shopping experience.