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Cheers to All That
Cheers to All That
You’ll occasionally hear a beer enthusiast declare vehemently: “I only drink craft beer”.
But whatever name you attach to the drink – craft, micro, specialty, artisan – the name says nothing about its quality. Brewing is to beer as cooking is to food, so anyone can craft a craft beer. The range of beers offered can be disconcerting if you don’t know your ales from your porters, which raises the question: where does one begin? The answer is a joyous one: experiment.
The Beer Jargon Buster
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The percentage of the beer that is alcohol.
This is the abbreviation for International Bitterness Units, the measure of how bitter – or hoppy – the beer is.
In The Beer
Hops, or the flowers of the hop plant, impart bitterness and give beer a floral aroma.
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Malt is what beer is made of. It is the fermented grain that is the basis of all beers.
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Beer types
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1. Lager
Pale and golden, lagers are light in color and taste, and are generally smoother than ales.
2. Ale
Ales are darker and more robust in flavor than lagers.
3. IPA
India Pale Ale is a strong, bold brew originally made for British sea voyagers.
4. Porter and Stout
Dark brown or black, they are stronger, smokier and richer in aroma and flavor.