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It is said that top-brand coffee beans are as premium as finely aged wine. Because their quality depends on soil, temperature, humidity, altitude and even culture, the beans reflect local characteristics. As you relish the smoothness and purity of coffee, you can also enjoy the whole coffee-tasting experience, or simply indulge in the peaceful atmosphere. You can also distinguish the subtle variations between coffees of different cultures from around the world.

Jamaica Blue Mountain

Cultivated along the Jamaican Blue Mountain at an altitude of 5,000 feet, the coffee beans grow in an exceptional environment, with plenty of rainfall and fertile volcanic soil. Furthermore, their quality is strictly monitored over one hundred years, from cultivation and harvest all the way to production, resulting in the highest grade of aromatic coffee.


Columbia exports primarily Arabica coffee beans, which are cultivated along the Andes mountain range. Once brewed, they offer the sweet flavor that is distinctive of Arabica beans, yet they also have a unique acidity. Given the beans’ optimal saturation and stable quality, they are popular among Asians.


Brazil produces the largest quantity and the greatest variety of coffee beans in the world. Among these, the large Arabica beans are the most popular, with their gentle taste and rich aroma, more acidic than bitter. Because of their pleasant aroma, purity and texture, Brazilian beans go well with any occasion.


Once the world’s top-ranked coffee, before it was overtaken in the marketplace by Blue Mountain, Mandheling coffee is produced from Sumatra in Indonesia. It has a bitter taste but a pure aroma, as well as a smooth, solid texture. Freshly brewed Mandheling beans release a sweet fragrance, similar to clove and mace, providing a pleasant, long-lasting aftertaste.


Hawaii is the only place in the United States that exports coffee beans. The Big Island’s Kona beans are mainly grown in the southwest, on the side of the Mauna Loa volcano. The beans, cultivated from the fertile soil of a young volcano, are known for their delicacy and elegance. They are round, shiny and plump, producing a coffee that tastes rich and smooth.

Mocha Java

Java has long been renowned as a coffee-exporting region, which Mocha coffee beans are the most popular in the world. Dried naturally by the sun, small in size but smooth in texture, the beans have a uniquely fruity fragrance. Their characteristic balance of acidity and bitterness has earned Mocha coffee its worldwide reputation for excellent quality.