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Iberico Pork
Iberico Pork
From an authentic Spanish recipe, Iberico pork products are gourmet ingredients which have found increasingly popular in Hong Kong. Sourced from Iberico pigs which feed on acorns in the forest, the meat has an unmistakable taste and aroma known to gourmets around the world. In a quest to discover the best food products, city’super merchandisers have travelled to Spain to bring you the fantastic taste of Iberico pork.

A Passion for Food!

city'super pioneered the import of whole hams to Hong Kong. When only a few in Hong Kong appreciated gourmet ham, city'super was already working closely with the producers and has since introduced a series of Iberico pork products including salami and pork loin. After years of promotion, Iberico pork products can now be found at city'super all year round.


Making sausages is relatively simple: The pork is roughly chopped and mixed with herbs, before the sausages are stuffed, poached and smoked. Sausages are great pan-fried, baked or barbecued.
  • The secret to making strong but pliable sausages is to poach to medium rare, then cook again.
  • Spice up your sausages with different herb ─ explore new variations on the same sausage.


Like salami, meatballs are made from mixed meat from different parts of the pig. They can be cooked much the same way as Italian meatballs.
  • Meatballs in tomato sauce is an all-time favorite.
  • Meatballs are made raw, so must always be cooked before eating.


Every gourmet delicacy demands rigorous production procedures, and Iberico ham is no exception. Created from genuine Iberico pork and dried for more than two years, its rosy colour and unique flavour are irresistible!
  • To enjoy, simply cut a slice of ham and serve!
  • Use as a filling in bread with manchego cheese, or as a topping on pizza. Always match ham and wine carefully.


The salami is made from a proportional composition of meat from different parts of the Iberico pig. The spicy taste comes from a mix of several herbs. It is produced using authentic Spanish drying procedures.
  • Sliced salami will be served immediately.
  • The spicy taste of salami will liven up an ordinary dish.

Pork Loin

Pork loin comes from the back of the Iberico pig. The even marbling gives it a tender texture. As it contains less saturated fat, it is a healthy choice with a high nutritional value.
  • The strong original taste of Iberico pork needs little seasoning.
  • Sea salt can improve its flavour; herbs are even better.

Pork Chops

Pork chops come from near spine of the pig and usually contain a bone. They are juicy and rich in taste.
  • The taste of pork chops is best preserved by first pan-frying and then baking.
  • Serve with herb sauce.