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Organic pork from Denmark
Organic pork from Denmark
Friland's organic farmers
Friland’s organic animals are born and bred on Danish farms where animal welfare and environment are a first priority. Organic farmers’ production of pigs are subject to the organic inspection principles carried out by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. The Danish AgriFish Agency is responsible for the inspection and control visits carried out on farms.

Inspections are carried out by the Danish AgriFish Agency at least once a year. Upon approval the farmer is authorised to run an organic farm with livestock. The set of rules meets both the EU legal requirements and the Danish state control for organic agricultural production.

Organic pigs for Friland

  • Born on pasture in pig shelters
  • Piglets weaned at seven weeks of age
  • Always access to open pastures and sheds
  • Sufficient space in the finishing unit with runs
  • Pigsties with sufficient space, lots of straw and access to outdoor areas
  • Are fed 95% organic feed, demand for high fiber feed, GMO free
  • Are only receiving medicine treatment after veterinary inspection
  • Gentle transport to the slaughterhouse