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“There are no ugly women, just lazy ones.” Sound familiar? It will certainly LOOK familiar on your face during those short couple of days when you skip some of your regular skin care procedures. We all know how tiring it can be with all those steps, especially after a long working-day. What if one single product can do all the work now? Renowned Japanese skincare brand Ishizawa Labs is here to introduce to you the beauty-daily of Nadeshiko, the queen of skincare. Want that radiant pure skin? It’s time to use products which can focus on your skin problems. Save your time for the search of concealer and foundation cushion, as well as those annoying acne troubles.
7:00am Good Morning
“Such fine weather today! And so is my skin!” Nadeshiko
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At the start of each day, Nadeshiko will first cleanse her face after leaving her bed. This removes the oil and dust that rest in the pores during her sleep. Then she refreshes and moisturizes her skin with toner and brushes her teeth with whitening toothpaste. Say cheese!
Keana Nadeshiko Baking Soda Toothpaste

This baking soda toothpaste has been a popular product. Natural baking soda helps remove surface stains on teeth, and is effective for nicotine and tea stains. Without any additives, it is 100% natural and causes no harm to your teeth.
Now available at Shanghai Life by city'super stores
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11:20am Hello School 
A spray on my skin and a spray in my hair. Ready for outdoors!” Nadeshiko
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UV protection is needed every day, whether it is sunny or shady. We all know how to protect our skin when undergoing outdoor activities, but don’t forget your scalp and hair. Nadeshiko the always active girl likes to protect her face, limbs, and hair with a UV protection spray every time before going outdoor, as UV rays not only cause skin darkening, destruction of skin collagen and loss of elasticity, it is also the culprit for freckles and damaged dry hair!
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Easy breezy, the spray can be easily applied to skin, hair, and scalp to protect your vulnerable skin away from the sun and UV rays. Colourless and waterproof with SPA50+PA++++, the spray can be washed away simply with soap.
4:30pm Happy Date
“Apply a little makeup before a date – foundation, eyeliner and done!” Nadeshiko
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Eyeliners create delicately thin or dramatically bold lines, but either style will leave the person you are dating with an unforgettable appearance. Nadeshiko usually adjusts her eye makeup while attending different settings. Some techniques come in handy, such as a simple but layered earth-toned eye shadow, an eyeliner specialized for the under-eye bags, and the sweetly refreshing orange-pink blush. Boys are also encouraged to cleanse their skin thoroughly before attending a date. Give your girl a surprise on your date!
Specialized makeup for under-eye bags, the Love Drops eyeliner is easy to apply and smudge proof. Add on a unique character for your eye makeup with its fine brush. Eye pencil sharpener included.
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Now available at Shanghai Life by city'super stores
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It’s undesirable for men’s cleansing and skincare products to be complicated. This natural baking soda cleanser effectively removes blackheads, exfoliates dead skin, and tightens pores. It comes with a refreshing eucalyptus flavor.
10:05pm Good Night
“A mask before bed to relax my skin and mind. Sweet dreams!” Nadeshiko
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After such a busy day, Nadeshiko will put on skin exfoliation product right after her shower. This not only helps to remove makeup residue and eliminate impurities, but it is also ensures skincare products are more easily absorbed. Cleanse your skin thoroughly, apply the moisturizing and whitening mask, and let the essence penetrate your skin. Tomorrow is another day, so be ready to take it on with fully plumped and radiant supple skin! 
Containing soy fermented milk, collagen and plant-based placenta that repairs skin damaged by UV rays; the mask is rich in hyaluronic acid that not only nourishes your skin but leaves it refreshed. Using extra think Japanese cotton as the base, the mask ensures every droplet of beauty essence penetrates your skin, without leaving a sticky feeling on the top.
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Discover the Path to Upgrade your Skin! 

From today, Nadeshiko will be waiting at different busy districts, to share with you her beauty secrets. Don’t miss your chance to “upgrade” your skin!
No.1:Hong Kong Times Square Pop-Up Store
Nadeshiko will be arriving at the atrium of Hong Kong’s Times Square. A thematic pop-up store designed like a traditional Japanese festival is waiting for you to unveil more beauty secrets.
Date: 28 Apr – 8 May 2016
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No.2:Collect your stamps Redeem your gifts
Get a ”Nadeshiko Daily Beauty” Passport at our Hong Kong LOG-ON stores, and collect all four styles of stamps at our four branches at Causeway Bay Fashion Walk, Times Square, Harbour City and Metro Plaza, and redeem your Nadeshiko gift with us!
No.3:The Nadeshiko Beauty Gathering

From today till 8 May, there will be an exhibition of Nadeshiko to share with you her secrets of daily skincare at Hong Kong’s LOG-ON ToGather space of creativity, LOG-ON Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay.

* With any purchase of beauty products at any Hong Kong LOG-ON store, present the original receipt and you can now sign up for the gathering free of charge. The first 10 customers participating in the product tryout will receive a gift!

Chapter 1: Summer
Members of the Ishizawa Laboratories flew all the way from Japan, to bring to all of you the secrets of Nadeshiko’s skincare in summer! (Sunshine is not your enemy, in fact it adds on energy.)
Date: 9 Apr 2016 (Sat)
Time: 16:00-17:00 / 18:00-19:00
Location: BEAUTY LABO @ Fashion Walk store

Chapter 2: The Date
Members of the Ishizawa Laboratories will share with you Nadeshiko’s experience on makeup and teeth care for dates. (Boys are going to love it.)
Date: 10 Apr 2016 (Sun)
Time: 16:00-17:00 / 18:00-19:00
Location: BEAUTY LABO @ Fashion Walk store