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Mr. Takabatake was born in 1974 in Marugame, Kagawa Prefecture. He took part in TV Champion, a variety show on TV Tokyo, and was made Japanese Stationery Maniac Champion. He retained the same tittle during two further series, and was made King of Stationery in 2005. He coordinated product development projects for Sun-Star Stationery Co. for 10 years until 2012, and now has a contract with the company.
Here Mr. Takabatake proudly presents five stationeries you just can’t miss!
Harinacs Press
It’s a product from KOKUYO, called Harinacs Press. It’s a stapler that doesn’t use any staples. When you staple something, just give it one press, and the papers will be stapled well. It’s safe to use, because no iron staples are needed. And you can produce a document that can be easily opened. Just like this, the papers are firmly stapled together. Since the papers are only bound and embossed, when you scratch slightly by using a hard object like a pen, the papers can be then separated easily.
Products you have seen in this page
It’s a user-friendly tool that can be used in many situations. Although the papers are only embossed and look loose, in fact it’s a durable, secure method of binding. Harinacs Press is a secure, user-friendly stapler. Everyone, please try it out!
Products you have seen in this page
Delde Pen Case
The Delde Slide Pen Pouch, produced by Sun-Star Stationery. Just use the zipper on top, then pull down the two side tabs. The pouch immediately transforms into a pen case. Since it can stand upright on a desk, it’s especially suitable for use in libraries and cafes, making it very convenient for work and study. Also, it has a large storage space so everything can be easily taken out.
Not only pens, but other things such as rulers and scissors can also be kept organised. It's also very easy to close it when you’re done. Just zip up the pen case so you can take it with you. The Delde Slide Pen Pouch is made of fabric, so you can personalise it with pins and appliqués, or by adding decorative iron-on patterns. A DIY design service is now being offered at the Hong Kong LOG-ON MANUAL FACTORY. Design your own stylish pen case now!
Kokoyu Soft Ring Notebook

The Soft Ring Notebook, produced by KOKUYO. When people talk about a ring binder notebook, they usually think of this kind of metal ring binder. But when you’re writing like this, your hand will constantly do battle with the metal ring binder in the middle. It’s painful! But this Soft Ring Notebook, just like its name suggests, features a ring binder with a soft texture. Since the rings are made of soft silicone, you won’t feel pain even if your hand hits them.
Products you have seen in this page
When you’re writing like this, even if your hand is squeezed by the middle part of the ring binder, the soft, flexible binder will change its shape instead of hurting you. And because the binder uses soft rings, even when you put the notebook in your bag, it won’t be ruined if it gets bent. It also won’t be damaged if it’s hit by hard objects. What a handy notebook!
JetStream Prime
The Uni Jetstream Prime 3 Color Ballpoint Multi Pen, which is the most popular style in Japan. With a solid flow of the specially formulated ink, it enables "smooth writing that becomes a habit." Writing can be very simple and smooth. Best of all is the pen’s powerful body, which has very little resistance when changing colours. Unlike other three-color multi pens, on which the tabs often sink, the Jetstream Prime’s innovative retractable tab for each colours means it doesn't sink into the pen’s body when you press it, resulting in a smooth, fluid operation when choosing a colours.
In short, it's a smooth pen with great flow.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
Pilot Capless 

The Pilot Capless Fountain Pen, which is the only retractable fountain pen in the world. Without a cap, the nib will come out with a simple press of the pen’s end. Just one click will extend or withdraw the nib from the barrel. So you can write with just one hand while holding your notebook with the other. The secret of this retractable fountain pen is in its nib. Since a shutter is installed, a simple press of the push-button will make the nib slide out. Another press withdraws the nib back into the barrel, closing an air-tight seal behind it to prevent the ink from drying or leaking out. It’s also very easy to carry or store.
Stay tuned for the next article with more stationeries recommended by the King of Stationery.