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[ DESKBOUND ] On Your Desk & Beyond 
With the rise in digital technology, we can now log-on to the internet, whenever and wherever we want. It is often easy to find yourself like the busiest people ever.  Besides the time in bed, we spend the majority of time sitting at our desks.  Although the space available is often limited, we never feel trapped by it, quite the opposite actually, we feel liberated by it.  In fact, is there any place better for an intellectual to work? The pen of the writer, the pencil of the engineer, the papers of the taxpayer – all find their heavens at their desk. 

This year, the theme of [DESKBOUND] is "Creative Area". We do not need to limit idea: Through different hand paper, paper tape and 3D pen, creative outside the box, break the plane frame and become three-dimensional, express what you think more specifically with unlimited extension.