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Everybody has some friends that are full of distinctive characters, some are outgoing and festive, while others are more introverted or may even be shy. It takes all sorts to make one world, but it doesn’t mean one gift can fit all sorts of people. This Christmas, cross off the common hand cream and cliché chocolates from your Christmas gift list, and replace them with 10 specially-selected items by Hong Kong’s LOG-ON. Someone may ask, why bother? It’s obvious, because your friends and family all deserve a personalized gift, uniquely for them.
To: The Sweet Guy-friend
Ofess x Ditto Ditto scarf and gloves gift set
A nicely-designed scarf and a fitted pair of gloves, makes your adorable guy-friend all the more warm and cute. Exclusively sold at Hong Kong’s LOG-ON, the OFESS x Ditto Ditto scarf and gloves set is the perfect gift set for him. Don’t forget to add a button and a greeting card to make your gift a personalized one.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
To: The Fitness Buff
JAWBONE (UP2) Fitness Tracker
For your health cautious friend, this fitness tracker is not only fashionable, but also very functional. Its world-class technology keeps track of daily activities, sleep patterns, and food logging; producing personalized reports of your body’s health. It’s the best accompaniment for your gym buff friend.
To: The Coffee Lover 
WACACO Minipresso GR Portable Espresso Maker
Coffee lovers are hooked on caffeine. This Minipresso GR is the perfect portable espresso machine for them to sooth their “craving” when the addiction strikes. With little effort, Minipresso helps you prepare amazing shots on the go. Be sure to enjoy a delicious espresso anywhere, anytime.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
To: The Single Bestie
Hello Kitty Handy Mist 
This cute looking handy mist is the best gift for your single bestie. Using nanometer ion technology, water molecules are converted to a nanometer in size that penetrates skin in just an instant, reducing acne and keeping your bestie’s skin beautifully moist.
To: The Gadget Pioneer
SPHERO Star Wars BB-8 Droid
The BB-8 app-enabled droid is not your common remote-controlled robot, it has an adaptive personality that changes as you play. Based on your interactions, BB-8 will show a range of expressions and even perks up when you give voice commands. Go on an adventure with the BB-8, and your gadget pioneer friend is sure to turn heads.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
To: The Party Animal
A to 8 Handbag and Accessories Collection
From Korean brand A to 8 are these creative looking handbags and purses with a tasty twist. Hamburgers, popcorn and sodas, these colorful and appetizing bags come in different sizes: handbags, clutches and purses. Sure to give your party animal sister a distinct standout from the dance crowd.
To: The Selfie Lover
Fujifilm Mini70 Instant Camera
Fujifilm makes its name from their instant cameras out in the market. The latest model Mini70 takes instant selfies to another level with a mirror right next to the lens, enabling easy self-photo taking. The selfie mode provides the appropriate brightness and shooting distance for self-portraits. Easy carry and easy shoot, perfect for the selfie loving bunch.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
To: The Colorful Artist
Lost Ocean x Staedtler Coloring Set
Coloring book series “Secret Garden” has gained worldwide popularity and now is on its third volume entitled “Lost Ocean”. The three coloring book sets are now available at Hong Kong’s LOG-ON, all equipped with Staedtler colored pencils, and water color, fineliner or highlight pens. Join us at LOG-ON to pick one for your art-loving friend.
To: The Timid Sweetheart
Babyliss Curl Secret X’mas Comb Set
For that timid sweetheart friend of yours, it’s time to boost her confidence! A high quality hair curl and comb set is the gift for her. The ceramic curl chamber produces even heat, reducing damage and locking in perfect curls on both wet and dry hair. Time to gather your girls and give her a makeover!
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
To: The Stylish Bourgeois 
Divoom AuraBox Bluetooth Speaker
Any person who enjoys living la dolce vita would enjoy good quality music. Hong Kong’s LOG-ON has selected for your bourgeois friends a multiple function bluetooth speaker. Not only can it play music from your mobile phone directly, but is also app-enabled for drawing and creating animations to be shown on the LED panel.
Having a hard time thinking what to get your friends and family for Christmas? Besides the 10 hot picks above, Hong Kong LOG-ON stores are all geared up with loads of other seasonal gift selections for your choosing. Mix and match different gifts with your loved ones. Finally, no more boring hand creams this Christmas.