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Star Wars: The Last… Temptations to the Collectors!
Dear fans of Star Wars, here's where the fun begins!

Star Wars have swept across the world for four decades, and for now, while the fans around the world are extremely excited for the soon-to-be-launched eighth episode, those in Hong Kong will even have double surprises! Besides the fascinating new movie, a series of highly collectible theme products are also landing at Hong Kong. Eye catching collector’s items such as the meticulous PG 1/72 model of Millennium Falcon, the intelligent robots of R2-D2 and BB-9E as well as the first AR game of Star Wars have just arrived LOG-ON!
6 Must-have Star Wars Collections
A myriad of theme products of this everlasting classic have already been launched, did you tell me you are already satisfied with your private collection? LOG-ON is telling you: there are still so many great new items to come!
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Lenovo Star WarsTM: Jedi Challenge
Have been dreaming of repulsing enemies with your lightsaber? Lenovo’s world’s first AR headset of Star Wars which works with an iOS or Android smartphone to enable the game app has 3 built-in highly realistic games. You can perfect your lightsaber skills with Lightsaber Battles, train your mind with Holochess as seen in the Star Wars films and to test your military strategist skills in large-scale ground wars in Strategic Combat!  
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Sphero Star Wars R2-D2 Robot
Have been morose for the non-retractable legs of the R2-D2 models? This stellar Sphero R2-D2 droid has a third leg which can extend and retract smoothly. BB-9E, the new droid from Episode VIII, and our all-time favorite BB-8 are also in the series.  
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littleBits Droid Inventor Kit DIY R2-D2 

If you can design your own R2-D2, what would it look like? You can now design, build and bring your own droid to life with the more than 30 pcs littleBits electronic blocks. With the Droid Inventor app, you can even control your droids to draw a map or move around without hitting obstacles. The DIY kit fits for children at junior secondary school.
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UBTECH First Order Stormtrooper Robot 
With its voice command capability, facial recognition to ward off intruders and patrolling capabilities, this cute Stormtrooper robot brings you a cutting-edge AR experience. Great fun with your Stormtrooper loaded with latest AR technologies is guaranteed by connecting your smartphone via the iOS or Android compatible app. 
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Hot Toys Star Wars Stormtrooper Metallic Color Version Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head Collectible Set 
With tremendous popularity of Hot Toys’ Star Wars Cosbaby series, Hot Toys is thrilled to introduce two additional figures to the Stormtroopers Cosbaby collection! The brand new Cosbaby figures feature the highly noticeable metallic gold and metallic copper finishing and both of them are equipped with bobble-head function. Star Wars Stormtrooper Metallic Color Version Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head Collectible Set is an exclusive item available at LOG-ON. Forge your love with these exclusive Cosbaby figures and bring them home now!
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Bandai Perfect Grade 1/72 Millennium Falcon 
The newly launched extraordinary 1/72 scale PG Millennium Falcon is making all the Star Wars and model enthusiasts extremely feverish. The 48.2cm long model with LED light-up features has the finest details and a very realistic outlook. This epic and massive Millennium Falcon has now landed in LOG-ON
Designated Star Wars Zone in Times Square
The attractive Star Wars theme products , which many are very latest exclusive collectible items, are now available at the courtyard of Times Square until 3 Dec. Above all, a finished dream model of Millennium Falcon and a 160cm height Darth Vader with his lightsaber are also waiting for your presence.
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Dear fans: May the force be with you!