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Love in a nutshell: flower.paper.cloth.leather.silver
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, have you run out of DIY ideas for your loved ones? Don’t hit the panic button just yet. Let’s calm down and rewind, have you tried your hands at all of the following materials? Remember, the most important thing is that it’s handcrafted from the bottom of your heart.
And their definitions in Love
Flower.Blooming Love
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Every couple wishes their love to last a lifetime. This leather rose epitomes two hearts that have been joint together in mutual understanding. The leather rose shall never wilt and will stay in bloom for posterity. It captures love in its purest, most epic form, and symbolises an eternal bond.
JK Collection @Festival Walk
Leather Rose Gift Set Workshop
Join JK Collection to design your very own leather rose, using red leather petals and layer them on top of one another. It’s never been easier to make your own ever-blooming flower!
Date: 9 Feb 2018 (Friday)
Time: 7:30pm - 10:30pm
Fee: HK$520/person
Product: Vegetable tanned cowhide leather is used for the petals; The diameter of the leather rose is approximately 6cm, and the gift box is about 40cm long.
@HongKong JK Collection
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Every flower, whether it’s fresh or dry, has a story to tell. They connote different messages depending on the occasion and elicit specific emotions from us. Flowers bring people together, and this is where Good Monday come into play. We collect stories from couples and deliver their unique bouquets to their one and only.
Paper.Simple Love
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To Paper Diamond, “loving yourself” doesn’t mean putting on makeup, wearing designer labels and handbags, or getting a manicure. It simply means “be yourself” — laugh with wild abandon, cry your heart out, and do whatever feels right. Like paper, it’s bland and ordinary at first glance, but once you’ve found its value and work on it, even the most ordinary paper can shine like diamonds.
Paper Diamond @Festival Walk
Cloth.Gentle Love
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“Since meeting you, I’ve become a believer.” Do you believe in miracles too?
Giants Tie Dye tells their own love story by creating unique artworks. “We are not good with words, this is why we have chosen to tell our stories through tie dye.”
巨人染 @Festival Walk
Indigo Natural Dye Workshop
Indigo dye is an art that has been practiced for thousands of years. The depth of the colour really depends on the ingredients, temperature, how hard it’s been tied, and the character of the person. Each piece tells a unique story of its maker.

Date: 24-25 Feb 2018 (Saturday & Sunday)
Time: 2pm - 4pm
Fee: $480/person
Capacity: 10 people
Product: Fair trade scarf from Laos. Size 185cm x 60cm.
@HongKong LOG-ON
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Love is worth celebrating. Whether you’re in love or secretly in love, date your special someone and light paint your message, or design your own silhouette to confess your feelings. It only takes five minutes to print your message on our statement T-shirt. Snap your love statement and create your very own T-shirt now!
Snaptee @Fashion Walk
Light Painting T-shirt Workshop
Light up your love story - join us in the darkroom and create your very own statement T-shirt together!
Date & Time:
9 Feb (Friday):15:30-21:30
10 Feb (Saturday): 13:30-21:30
11 Feb (Sunday): 13:30-21:30
12 Feb (Monday): 17:00-21:30
13 Feb (Tuesday): 17:00-21:30
14 Feb (Wednesday): 15:00-21:30
15 Feb (Thursday): 15:00-21:30
16 Feb (Friday): 13:30-21:30
17 Feb (Saturday): 13:30-21:30
18 Feb (Sunday): 13:30-21:30
19 Feb (Monday): 13:30-21:30
24 Feb (Saturday): 13:30-21:30
25 Feb (Sunday): 13:30-21:30
3 Mar (Saturday): 13:30-21:30
4 Mar (Sunday): 13:30-21:30
10 Mar (Saturday): 13:30-21:30
11 Mar (Sunday): 13:30-21:30

Fee: HK$380/person including one T-shirt; HK$660 for two T-shirts
(Deliver fee HK$20, additional HKD5/piece after your first shirt)
@HongKong LOG-ON
Leather.Deep Love
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Why do you care what others think, when it’s the two of you against the world? Like leather, it may not be the lightest, cheapest, most versatile material in the market; but it is tasteful, supple, and it improves with age and use. If this is what you’re looking for, just go with your heart.
1/1 Leather @Festival Walk
Silver.Sparkling Love
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The ocean connects us to every corner of the world, which takes our love across countless boundaries. The Polska Traveller gets its inspiration from the Icelandic landscape, from its famous volcanoes to the majestic waves, they weave these sceneries into their jewellery. Best known for their artisanal bronze bracelet, you can now wear a piece of Iceland wherever you go.
Polska Traveller @ Fashion Walk
No matter how long you’ve been together, nothing beats the feeling of being in love and being loved. This Valentine’s, make your loved one a gift that they will treasure for years to come.