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Although dreamy white snow has never fallen in Hong Kong, our warm pleasant weather has given us a gentle cozy winter. It would be a perfect moment if I could hold a hot mild tea in my hands, with a few bites of delicious delicacies…Mmm! Hong Kong’s LOG-ON has made our winter this year as perfect as you can imagine; they have brought us the famous Taiwanese creative brand Wooderful life® to Taikoo Shing, and collaboratively opening the first LOG-ON x Wooderful life® Themed Café in Hong Kong, providing a memorable stylish experience to all of us. A wooden carousel plays music when the French platter is served to your table, you can also DIY an adorable cake there while enjoying the wooden crafted figures surrounding you. From now on till 28 February, this exclusive location presents a fairy tale composed with wood and melody.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
LOG-ON x Wooderful life® Themed Café is situated in the Taikoo Shing store in Hong Kong, with its homey decorations and lovely wooden figures imitating different interesting scenarios on the wall shelves, we can sit back and enjoy the food and environment comfortably.
If you’ve seen Wooderful life®’s products somewhere before, you must have been impressed by the delightful, delicate and dreamy the wooden figures are. I visited this brand new themed café this afternoon, and it’s a good place to rest and relax in this busy mall. Attractive tea sets are decorated with cute characters and other elements of the creative brand. Dishes are so fancy and special that I can’t help but stop to take pictures before eating.
Write Your Message on Tasty Cake! Petite Music Box Cake

Though this cake is named the Music Box Cake, you can eat all of it with no worries of gobbling down metallic components by mistake! This appetizing dessert is made according to the design of Wooderful life®’s classic music box, you may understand why it is named as a music box after decorating it with chocolate bears and letter chips, for they are both fairytale like. 
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There are two tempting flavours for your selection; the black one Rich Chocolate and Passion Fruit Mousse seems very tempting, while the white one Smooth Cream Cheese is so snowy and romantic. I spent a few minutes choosing my flavour, finally selecting chocolate as I was curious to know what the fusion of sour passion fruit and sweet rich chocolate together would taste like.
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After selecting your flavour, write down a message on a paper and the staff will prepare a set of DIY materials including two chocolate bears and a circus tent, big I ♥ U letters, and chocolate chip alphabets which spell out your message. Once everything is ready, let’s start!
Using a small pair of tweezers carefully stick the tiny alphabet chips on the side, piece by piece spelling out your message. This procedure requires patience as you may easily leave fingerprints on the cake! The crispy chips taste wonderful when eaten together with the soft mousse. (Tips: you can select a heart symbol for the chips too ♥)
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
Finally, place the bears and tent on top, and let I ♥ U stand up to create more layer and depth. After 10 minutes of working, a personalized music box cake is now finished! Hurray~ The slightly sour passion fruit balances out the richness of the chocolate mousse, this flavour does not disappoint.
Fantastic Surprise! Music Serving on Table! Wooderful life Afternoon Tea Set

Are there any dishes which can play delightful melodies when served to your table? There is one here in this café now, a platter of French delicacies accompanied by a carousel of wooden horses circling merrily alongside, which catches everyone's eyes!
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
This elegant tasting plate for two includes a total of seventeen French delicacies, eight sweet and nine savoury assorted pastries. They are of bite sized and arranged separately on the plate for easier differentiation. Each one looks simple but is full of detail, and can be easily distinguished with characteristics, just like the products of Wooderful life®. The delicacies and pastries are made in a traditional French way, exquisite both outside and inside, tasting sometimes rich and sometimes fresh. Though this set is prepared for two, one would definitely want to try every single piece! It is uneasy to share them with someone else. For the individual set, six or seven delicacies are served.
Petite Music Box Cake DIY Session: Every day 2:30pm to 8:30pm
*Herbal tea for two provided with set (Calendula, Pink Rose, Hibiscus and Blue Mellow)
Bites You Can’t Miss on Plate 
Apple Comte Bread
This French goat milk cheese on top together with the jelly-like apple square at the bottom, provides a strong contrast of texture and taste. One of my favourite pieces from this platter!
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Croissant made in Traditional French Way
By using French butter as an ingredient and the traditional method to make this pastry, you may find this croissant more ‘condensed’ when chewing than the usual ones. This is actually the texture of a traditional French croissant, without too many crispy layers. Try and see whether you like this French taste more.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
LOG-ON x Wooderful life® Music Go Round Carousel Special Edition

This rose and gold coloured carousel is the one which plays lively music with the platter when served to your table; wooden horses circling vividly, moving up and down along to the energetic tune.  You can switch it on and off whenever you want, or bring it home at a discounted price to own this memorable piece.
Wooderful life® Tea Set available at: Every day 2:30pm to 8:30pm
*Herbal tea provided with set (Calendula, Pink Rose, Hibiscus and Blue Mellow)
Is dining the only thing we can do in this themed café? Of course not! We can experience the fun of DIY wood with our own hands also! We can make our own music box or other practical wooden products selected from Hong Kong’s LOG-ON
One of my friends is about to have her birthday in a few days, so I bought a Wooderful life® wooden box with four cells, then selected a few funny wooden figures from the shelves to put on top.  As there are hundreds of choices available, it’s better that you don’t have a tight schedule. Finally all pieces were ready, then I moved to the designated DIY zone in the café and created my own box under the staff’s guidance. A fine tea set and handcrafts made up my perfect afternoon that day (it turned out to be a 3 hour visit), I believe many of you will find this satisfying too!