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New Travel "Companion" to Make Your Trip Hassle-Free
Being a traveler in the 21st century, you have many more different ways to explore this wonderful world as compared with the time when there is no aeroplane and telecommunication equipment. You can go to Antarctica or African Safari. Or, you can even go hang gliding or scuba diving. Stepping into 2018, there are increasing number of high-tech gadgets available in the market. A hand-picked selection of perfect travel gear are carefully selected by Hong Kong LOG-ON for you to choose and you will sure be amazed by their clever designs.
7 Latest Tech Travel Gadgets that are Too Cool to Resist

Be well prepared for your next trip and avoid any last-minute stress, a series of hottest awesome tech travel accessories allow you to enjoy a well-deserved break and bring you more fun at pre-departure, before and after arrival.
Always forget to take essential items? Or fail to find items after you arrived? Change the way you pack can prevent the problem. A backpack or tote bag that can store all items neatly to avoid the mess. Savvy packing can keep you collected and calm all the time.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
Hellinox TERG Another Day 21L (Left)
Hellinox TERG Laptop Cross 13 inches 
Helinox, a well-known Korean brand that produces premium quality lightweight outdoor tables and chairs, recently introduces backpacks and tote bags designed for outdoor adventure. These products are named TERG, which is “Trial and Error Research Group.” This means that each bag is repeatedly tested and modified to achieve the perfect design before mass production.
TERG Another Day 21L is a camouflage rucksack which uses the latest U.S. military pattern. To provide cushioning, the shoulder strap and the back are made of EVA shock absorbing materials and zippered pouch can be affixed at different locations internally. For those who travel with your laptop computer overseas, TERG Laptop Cross 13-inch computer bag is the perfect choice for you. Extra padding shoulder strap makes carrying a heavy load easier and front pocket can be used to put small objects.
On Broad
It can take a long time to feel normal again after a long-haul flight. To reduce your tiredness after arrived at the destination, here are some super comfy wellness products for you when you are on the go.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
Be Relax My Memory Foam Pillow Pure Touch (Left)
Be Relax Blöm Cordless Sport Massager (Right)

Be Relax offers well-being and beauty services to airport passengers worldwide. The brand also discovers a generation of ergonomically designed massage products and one of them is My Memory Foam Neck Pillow - Pure Touch. By employing Auqa-gel technology, it helps unwind the tension of your neck and shoulder with signature heat patch activating on the shiatsu on the back of your neck. Breathable design at both sides keeps a constant fresh sensation around your neck. The pillow can be adjusted to fit perfectly to your neck contour.
Another product is Blöm Cordless Sport Massager. Adjustable speed setting for a customized massage experience to say goodbye to sore muscles of your neck, back, legs and arms and other parts. With its unique node shape, this wireless massager delivers deep percussion massage for sore muscles.
At Destination
Finally, you reach the destination! Want to take great photos? Or do lots of shopping? If yes, then these are the supporting items you required. 
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Wacù® Vacuum Device 

Shop too much? Packing a suitcase is often the hardest part of a trip. A palm-sized Wacù® vacuum device increases your luggage volume by 100% in just 5 minutes! Made of tough plastic material, three-sized storage bags are not easily torn. Just one touch, this small yet mighty portable machine gives you all the luggage space that you have ever dreamt of.
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Character Travel Adaptor
Printed with adorable cartoon characters, this travel adaptor is equipped with 4 interchangeable plugs suitable for use in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the United States and other places. Equipped with built-in short circuit protection, this 4.8A adaptor can be used to charge notebook computer, mobile phone and other appliances safely at the same time. This practical and adorable adaptors designed to make your every trip a pleasure.
Outdoor Adventure
In addition to walking in the city, many travelers prefer mountaineering, diving, camping and other outdoorsy activities to admire the natural beauty of foreign countries. These lightweight outdoor gear would make you feel more comfortable while exploring the great outdoors.
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Bubi Bottle
This scrunchable Bubi Bottle is handy and microwavable. When you want to drink hot coffee or hot water, it saves your time to pour hot water. Besides being dishwasher safe, this bottle can be served as ice packs after filling with ice to relieve pain after injury. Made of silicone, this bottle is compliant with the EU and the US regulatory requirements.
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DACH Lunar
Inspired by the shape of vintage camping light, this multifunctional DACH Lunar camp lamp not only generates a white “Golden Glow” of 2,700 lumens and makes the lighting less attractive to mosquitos and other insects, but also be your smartphone’s best friend and power up any USB accessories. By providing sustainable lighting from 10 hours up with an integrated power bank, it can also be served as portable torch.
* DACH Lunar is officially launched in November this year and is exclusively available at LOG-ON in Hong Kong. While stocks last.
High-tech products add extra convenience to our experience, allowing us to focus on exploring new experiences. Have you planned your next trip this year? With the above must-have travel accessories, you can sure have a different kind of adventure!