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Send your Best Wishes at Doraemon Pop-up Post Office
Doraemon is tricked by Nobita once again! This time, Nobita puts the “Replacement-Sticker” onto Doraemon, which names “Mailbox” on it!
Transformed into a mailbox, the iconic Japanese anime character has arrived at the Doraemon post office in Times Square atrium, helping everyone send out their postcards and greetings around the world from now on till 3 December. What’s more, world-premiere Doraemon Post Office limited edition and festive edition memorabilia are also available at the pop-up Post Office. Are you ready to revisit your childhood memories and share the joy?
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
The first in Hong Kong, Doraemon Post Office is curated by local creative media company DING DONG Takuhaibin and jointly organized by Hong Kong LOG-ON, with the official accreditation from the Japan Post Co. Limited.
Doraemon Postcard Mailing Service
Step 1:
Select your postcard

At the Doraemon Post Office, you can purchase your own postcard from a collection of 12 special editions, made in paper, wood or suede textures - these Doraemon memorabilia are shown in Hong Kong for the first time! A definite deluxe collectible it is.
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Some of the special edition postcards feature Doraemon in lovely postman and Christmas outfits, with paper-texture postcards sold at HK$35, while wood or suede-texture ones at HK$45 – who wouldn't want to collect them all?
Step 2:
Designated DIY zone

The Doraemon Post Office offers an instant DIY zone for your creative minds – write down your greetings on the postcard, or get a limited edition Doraemon Post Office stamp.
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The limited edition stamping service is offered at the DIY zone. Local and overseas mailing fees are included in the price of the postcard.
Step 3:
Drop your mail into Doraemon

Standing right next to the Post Office, the cuddliest robo-cat has turned into a mailbox, waiting for you to drop in the postcard into his mouth.
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With the limited edition stamp, the postcard will take a few weeks to reach its destination, so please be patient in the meantime~
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Hong Kong Premiere!
Doraemon Post Office Special Edition Product Selection

Born over half a century ago, Doraemon in his cutest postman look has landed Hong Kong for the first time, and brought along with him is the post office themed product collection. Many of the items in the collection are first-seen in Hong Kong and only for sale in this event. Heavenly news for all the fans!
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Doraemon Daruma Plush 

Transforming into the Japanese traditional mascot, the Doraemon Daruma tumbler brings you peace. Comes with 3 sizes, the doll bares the cute round shape of a Daruma tumbler, with facial features and eyes outlined with black ink.
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Doraemon Postman Figure

Made with copper and metal alloy that give its rich texture and filling weight, the Doraemon Postman Statue is a world-limited item with only 129 units produced. Displayed and sold at the pop-up store only, a true Doraemon fan would not miss.
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Doraemon Twemco Flip Clock

Twemco from Hong Kong is the world’s only manufacturer specializing in hand-made fully automatic flip clocks, with designs embedding a taste of vintage Hong Kong. Partnering with Doraemon, Twemco presents the special edition flip clock, where Doraemon appears once every hour!
*Image may be slightly different than actual product
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Doraemon Postman Tee 

Wearing a postman hat, Doraemon is poking his face out from the chest pocket of the unisex t-shirt. The shirt comes with black or white colors for choosing and packaged in a colorful aluminum can, simply another item added to the collectible list for all the fans out there.
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Doraemon X’mas Decorations

Aside from the postman outfit, Doraemon has also turned into Santa! Bringing to you the season’s greetings and festive mood with Doraemon Christmas socks and decorative wreaths, it’s time to prep up for the holiday at the pop-up store!
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Doraemon Postman Glass 

In his "Bamboo-Copter", Postman Doraemon is busy sending out the gold stamped letters. When you are busy working, a sip from the glass will cheer up your day.
Share your thoughts with your friends and family, write them down on a Doraemon postcard and let him deliver it for you - he has all the gadgets you need for the feelings you are just a bit too shy to show.