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LOG-ON Design Award starts this year as a platform built for all enthusiastic young designers and artists to display their design talents. Having extensive experience in the market, Hong Kong LOG-ON’s professional team would provide training to the youngsters during the design process, enabling them to turn idea into reality and bring their design to the customers.
Supporting the development of the local design and creative industries is a major undertaking of LOG-ON. A series of activities adapted to a variety of topics are held every year in September and October. Cooperated with OFESS, LOG-ON launched “Style Flash Crossover Project” in 2015. This year, we organize the First “LOG-ON Design Award” in collaboration with Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) under the theme of “Spring/Summer 2017 Handbag for Women”.
The Award-related activities was started in June. Our professional judges and guests are invited to share the competition details with young designers in different seminars. Having collected design entries for a month, the results from our first round of judging from are in and 10 finalists made the cut.
In June, the theme and details of our first LOG-ON Design Award are announced at the seminar held at HKDI.
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Our judges, Ning Lau, Founder of “who ARE invited”, an online fashion platform, was sharing her viewpoints towards creative industry, current challenging conditions and her experience of starting a business with the youngsters.
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Show Your Support for Our Local Young Designers!
LOG-ON Design Award includes 3 awards, namely a championship, a first runner-up title and a second runner-up title. Our professional judges would select the winning design of both practical functionality and aesthetics in design based on 3 main criteria, namely feasibility (50%), design (30%) and cost control (20%). The award-winning design will become one of the products sold at Hong Kong’s LOG-ON stores. The winner can work with our team to optimize the product and experience the whole production process from design to production. With such a golden opportunity, how can you miss it?
All are welcome to attend our exhibition of successful entries at LOG-ON ToGather @ Festival Walk in Hong Kong and help us choose the best of the bunch. The top vote-getter will be awarded the “Your Favorite Handbag Award”.
Handbag design would focus on 3 main styles, Urban Executive, Street Chic and Romantic. In addition to aesthetic considerations, entrants should also take into account the feasibility of production, pricing and so on.
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Five award judges include Ning Lau, Founder of “who ARE invited”, an online fashion platform, Elita Lam, Head of Department of Fashion and Image Design at Hong Kong Design Institute, Kenny Chiu, Chief Designer of “Made in Eden”, Justine Wan, local design practitioner and Yan Lui, LOG-ON’s Senior Buyer of Fashion accessories. LOG-ON Design Award also covers marketing award in addition to the design award. Participants need to develop a marketing plan for one of the design products, giving students an opportunity to design a new product and organize a marketing program.
Design Weeks – Local Design Highlights
In this beautiful autumn, LOG-ON would like to show you some local hand-made designs and accessories in our stores. Our newly renovated store at Festival Walk would showcase a number of outstanding designs in October. Several local hand-made and design brands are also invited to create a “Designers Corner” at LOG-ON Fashion Walk in Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay every weekend in October. A total of two workshops will be held and interested parties are welcome to join.
Date: From Now to 30 October
Venue: LOG-ON ToGather @ Fashion Walk store in Hong Kong
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Giant Tie Dye
Two giants performing on stilts, SIU from Hong Kong and JOSH from Taiwan, are crazy about tie-dyeing from the time they know about it. They would like to share their passion about the ever-changing tie-dye colors with you in a workshop of tie-dye tote bag on 22 October.
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Seed by Mi
Using 3D printing technology, Seed by Mi is a local original design brand for designing accessories. Different from the general plastic products, 3D printing has a unique horizontal textures. Each of these products are unique because a single product is designed in one-off production and made manually to a client’s specification.
The LOG-ON Design Award winners will be announced in November. In the coming future, Hong Kong’s LOG-ON will continue to actively promote local art development. If you missed this year's competition, don’t be disappointed. Get ready for the competition next year and we look forward to receiving your great design.