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Chulala – Bathe in Okinawa’s Pureness
Being well-known as avid travellers, the people of Hong Kong seem to know every last things about Japan, from Tokyo – the guide to the hottest fashion trends; Okayama – the Land of Sunshine; to Hokkaido – full of delights in every season; we know where the to-eats, to-buys, and to-sees are.
LOG-ON’s buyers believe that there are still treasures to be uncovered, and after several in-depth visits to Japan over the past few months, they have brought back some new and unique brands to introduce to Hong Kong’s customers. Products which carry their unique culture and advantages of their origins, can now be found on the shelves of LOG-ON stores; among them is Chulala from Okinawa.
Located in the southernmost part of Japan, Okinawa hugs the ocean and is rich in natural materials. Local skincare brand, Chulala, uses these as their main ingredients by creating products which give natural and gentle protection to our skin, whilst bringing us sunshine filled energy from the island.
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You can feel the ocean’s freshness from their product line’s signature light blue bottles, and featuring four main ingredients: papain enzyme, Okinawa coral water, Kume Island deep ocean water, and Okinawa shell ginger leaf extract. These natural ingredients are all priceless gifts from the ocean. The brand makes the most of the natural ingredients by exhibiting their skin nourishing and repairing powers by supplying nutrients, exfoliating, moisturizing, and essentials for anti-aging.
As a pioneer skincare brand which started up in 1999, Chulala utilized the papain enzyme to develop their first cleansing lotion for senior citizens confined to the bed and the disabled. The brand later developed a skincare line which is beloved by the people of Okinawa, its best-selling cleansing lotion has an accumulated sales of 1 million bottles since its launch!
Multiple styles Natural Skincare Products from Okinawa
LOG-ON introduces you to 13 Chulala products which can cater the every need of your skin: cleansing lotion, revital cream, soap, UV milk, moisturizing and cleansing mask, BB cream, cotton – free from colourant and parabens. The natural ingredients they contain make them good moisturizers and can clean deep into your pores. They are gifts to those who respect natural beauty.
Daily Skin Brighteners 
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Chulala Cleansing Lotion 300ml

Being the best-seller since its launch, the lotion features one-step cleansing for both makeup removal and purifying. It leaves the skin with water and oil which are necessary while cleansing. The papain enzyme helps decompose dirt and softens keratin, promoting healthy skin turnover.
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Chulala UV Milk SPF50+ PA++++  

This UV milk acts as a sunscreen, strong enough to block Okinawa’s sunshine and gentle enough for children. It can be easily applied and smoothly adheres to skin; it is suitable to apply on the face and the whole body. Kume Island’s deep ocean water – one of the featured ingredients of the line – supports skin with nutrients, while the lemon extract refreshes your skin.  
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Chulala Revital Cream

In addition to the four basic ingredients of the line, this rich cream also contains aloe vera leaf extract, okura fruit extract, and ceramides in nanocapsules, these ingredients tightens your skin to keep it young and lively.
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Chulala Natural Cotton (60pcs) 

As fluffy as an air cushion, this super thick cut cotton consists of more than 20 natural cotton sheets in each piece, the sheets are piled together in order to hold in air. It is a good lotion absorber and does not become frayed easily.
Enhanced Repair Moisturizers
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Chulala Deep Cleansing Mask 

Marine silt is abundant in oceanic minerals, and those from Okinawa’s seabed carries negative ions, which can effectively remove dirt in pores and old keratin, at the same time hydrating and supplying mineral nutrients to your skin.
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Chulala Shisa Sheet Mask (2 sheets)

Okinawa’s famous traditional mascot Shisa, is believed to protect people from evil. Chulala’s sheet mask with cute Shisa patterns printed on it, will protect your skin from harm too! The mask contains coral mineral water from Okinawa, which improves skin turnover and provides hyaluronic acid and collagen, supplying skin with just the right amount of moisture.