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Hobonichi Techo – A Container for Thoughts 
What would you do when you are by yourself?
Some music? Some reading? Or immerse in the digital world? Even so, I bet you won’t spend every single minute in music, reading or the net. When people are alone, most of the time would be spacing out and empty-headed, nothing to do, nothing in mind. In these nameless times and emotions, fragments of words and phrases describing yourself at the moment would jump out from nowhere, urging you to jog down with pen and paper, recording down bits and pieces of ideas. These mixed and disordered records are reviews of the primal personality.

This is why a container which can collect all your words and emotions is important in personal growth, and why journals are enduring through time. Hobonichi Techo, a leading journal brand in Japan for 17 years, has provided worldwide users a neat way to plan for future, and a container for thoughts.
Hobonichi Techo & its 17 years’ Evolution 
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Everyone has his own lifestyle and working schedule, it’s not an easy task to produce a journal coping with everybody’s needs. Considering feedbacks from worldwide users, Hobonichi Techo has evolved a lot for the past 17 years, from appearance to format, fonts and lines, every detail is being attended and thought of, thus refining most of them. Long-time fans can find the bit-by-bit improvements by comparing editions from different years, and see how the brand strives for perfection.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
Hobonichi Techo Weeks - Mother 2: Magicant Map

Shigesato Itoi, creator of the Hobonichi Techo and designer of ‘Mother’, a well-known video game series in the Nintendo times, has made a return for the game by lining up with the Hobonichi Techo in 2018, a great way to bring back the classic.
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Hobonichi Techo Original - Mother 2: This is Magicant 

It’s time to meet all the favourable characters of ‘Mother’ on the cover of this limited edition. Bright refreshing colours are used to create an energetic mood – pink for cover interior, blue and beige for pen holders with red and green bookmarks.
The First-ever Hobonichi User Meet Up in Hong Kong 
I believe you have been amazed, not by once, by the superb ways to use journals by ‘professionals’ who create masterpieces with marvelous illustrations, writings, stamps, masking tapes and DIY materials. They show us recording things can be fascinating. Hobonichi is looking for more inspirations for users through sharing each other’s experience, its first official meet up in Hong Kong would be launching in collaboration with LOG-ON. In the gathering, users can share why they choose Hobonichi Techo and how they use it, representative from Hobonichi will be present too.
Hobonichi User Gathering
1 Oct 2017
No. of participants: 18
LOG-ON ToGather
, Festival Walk, Hong Kong
Hobonichi Exhibition & Product Counter
21 Sept to 15 Oct 2017
11:00a.m. – 10:p.m. (Mon-Thu)
11:00a.m. – 10:30p.m. (Fri –Sun, Public Holidays)
Open to public
LOG-ON ToGather, Festival Walk, Hong Kong
8 Detailed Features – Hobonichi Techo’s Concern 
Little by little, Hobonichi Techo has gradually improved and evolved throughout the years, advancing in every detail catering for different users’ needs.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
1/ 24-hour timetable 

Schedules vary depending on the type of work or lifestyle of users, therefore a 24-hour timetable was adopted to flexibly accommodate all schedules.  In between the numbers that represent time, ‘.’ symbol is placed to mark every hour and ‘-’ for every 30 minutes.
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2/ The ‘secret line’ 

Look closely, there you’ll find a lightly printed vertical line running along the right of the timeline. This separates the schedule on the left from the open memo pad on the right. The line is pale enough to ignore when using the page as a whole.
3/ 3.7mm graph paper 

The essence of the Hobonichi Techo is its graph-lined pages, flexible for writing, sketching and diagramming. It took a lot of trial and error to arrive at the 3.7mm graph paper, the size was first reduced to 3.45mm from 4mm, and finally settled on 3.7mm in 2010.
4/ Display of date 

The way to display dates has undergone substantial changes, from simple display in the very beginning, to adding lunisolar calendar, the number of days that have passed since the first of January, as well as the current phase of the moon. Font size has enlarged for easier recognition.
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5/ Thin Tomoe River paper provides smooth writing

The super-light Tomoe River paper was incorporated since the very first edition in 2002. Its thin and light construction belies its sturdiness and smoothness, which makes writing easy and permanent. This is why the page-a-day journal never feels too thick or heavy.
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6/ Daily quote

Hobonichi Techo captures a little happiness every day for users, inspiring quotes and lines from designers, artists and celebrities are selected from the brand’s parent website Hobonichi and printed at the bottom of the pages, bringing forth new ideas and insights.
7/ 180-degree lay-flat binding

Its special stitch-bound craftsmanship allows the journal to lay flat on desk totally, it will stay open without being held down. This subtle artistry contributes to the refreshing, subconscious sense of user-friendliness.
8/12-colour tabs 

Even when the journal is closed, users can identify different months on the edge of the pages through distinctive coloured tabs. It’s a useful marker for making plans in advance or look back or earlier pages. Tabs today has adopted a lighter colour scale.
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Hobonichi Techo Weeks - A Very Merry Every Day to You (Bear) 

Its special name is inspired by ‘A Very Merry Unbirthday to You’, song from Alice in Wonderland, with a big picture of the back of a plumpy teddy bear. This was taken by photographer Miyoko Okao, who discovered this lovely toy at a market in Stockholm. Let its cuteness accompany you every day of the year.
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Hobonichi Techo Original - A Very Merry Every Day to You (With Stickers) 

When you first receive this journal, you’ll find a blank white cover, the simplicity allows total customization, a collection of stickers printed with images after a careful selection is provided for you to arrange however you like. Inside, interesting pictures celebrating worldwide holidays of the year can be found.
8 Smart Tips – Hobonichi Techo’s Flexible Usage 
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1/ Growth diary
Paste pictures in every day of the monthly calendar pages, clearly display the changes through time
2/ Scrapbook
Stick ticket stubs, stickers, stamps, photos and everything which marks your day
3/ Space-saving storage
Take pictures of things you can’t keep forever and paste them into planner as a memento
4/ Ideas collection
Make a habit of jogging down ideas so that you can get help from looking over past years’ planners
5/ Shared notebook
Share in classes, clubs or offices to gather ideas and experience
6/ Charting
Make good use of the graph papers and carve out neat charts for data record
7/ Diagramming
Graph papers allow you to draw out detailed illustrations such as flow chart, floor plan or even chessboards
8/ Assist with sticky notes
Write on sticky notes for uncertain plans, or use super thin Hobonichi Sticky Notes to change plans in a convenient way
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Hobonichi Techo Weeks - Bow & Tie: Coffee Beans 

The series is a collection of hardcover books with the same textured, shiny fabric used in neckties, its glossy, soft touch makes this series stand out from the rest. Coffee beans in various shapes are spotted on a coffee-coloured cover, simple yet playful.
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Hobonichi Techo Original - Good-Bye Penguin: Fly in the Sky 

Good-bye Penguin is a children story written by Hobonichi’s founder Shigesato Itoi in 1976, about a penguin who takes detours, but finally gets lost and meets all kinds of personalities. The lovable images and colours of the journal suits one who longs for an adventure-filled journey.